How Choosing A Chartered Commercial Insurance Broker Benefits ClientsIn a previous article, we established what the title of chartered commercial insurance broker meant, and what advantages possessing it held for both a brokerage company and its clients. In this article, we will be attempting to expand a little further on why it is advantageous for clients needing advice or help with their commercial insurance to choose a chartered commercial insurance broker.

As explained in the previous article, the title of chartered commercial insurance broker is given to companies which exhibit an outstanding level of ethical and professional commitment, as well as in-depth knowledge of the field they operate in. This is a rarely-given and highly prestigious certification, bound by a number of rules which ensure only the very best companies within the field of insurance are presented with it.

As such, it is not hard to see just what benefits choosing a chartered commercial insurance broker, as opposed to one which does not possess that certification, holds for clients. When opting for a chartered company, such as Watson-Laurie, customers needing help with their commercial insurance can be sure they will receive committed, ethical service from highly specialised and knowledgeable staff, most of which are likely to hold individual Chartered Broker diplomas in their own right. A chartering certification is the main accolade within the insurance field, which every company aims for but only a precious few get, so choosing a certified company will guarantee the service received is of the highest quality, and recognised as such by an official entity, in this case the Chartered Insurance Institute.

Here at Watson-Laurie, we certainly do adhere to the principles regulating a chartered commercial insurance broker. We focus on quality of service over quantity of clients, and strive to provide in-depth, comprehensive and personalised commercial insurance brokerage services to all of our clients. This has helped earn us our reputation as the leading chartered commercial insurance broker in North East England, a status we hope to maintain in years to come!