Three Duties of Commercial Insurance BrokersThe importance of commercial insurance brokers to the modern-day insurance field cannot be stressed enough. The complexity of said market, and the relatively basic level of knowledge most clients hold with regards to it, garners these professionals a significant role as assistants and educators to their customers.

Evidently, this role makes it necessary for commercial insurance brokers to hold themselves to certain values in order to provide customers with wholly unbiased and ethically sound advice. The lines below outline the three most important tenets commercial insurance brokers should strive to observe when dealing with or helping their clients.


Commercial insurance brokers tend to build relationships based on trust with their customers, and as such, this value should hold a forefront position in their moral and ethical code. Customers seeking out the services of commercial insurance brokers expect their interests to be put ahead of those of any one insurance provider, and trust their broker to ensure that is the case; it is, therefore, important that these professionals strive to return this trust by remaining impartial, unbiased, and putting the customer’s interest before any of their own.


A large part of a trust-based relationship is transparency. Commercial insurance brokers should, therefore, strive to offer customers maximum transparency at any given time, namely by disclosing transaction and remuneration information as requested, as well as offering insight into the way transactions are carried out.


By celebrating a contract with a client, commercial insurance brokers are agreeing to be that customer’s advocates in any insurance-related matters which might arise. They should, therefore, strive to fulfil this agreement, and fight for the customer’s best interests in all disputes relating to his or her insurance.

Ensuring these tenets are held to and observed will make the relationship between commercial insurance brokers and their clients smooth and trouble-free.